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Custom backlit led letter signs HAOJIA

Size: custom size
Material: matel, stainless steel,acrylic ,ABS,PVC,etc.
Light Source :led lights, long life ,high brightness ,uniform illumination
Color: customized
Power Supply: DC 12V/24V power adapter(transformer),can use for AC100-240V.
Type of illumination: Backlit
Install: Wall mount ,hanging
Certified: CE,Rohs,Reach
Service: OEM ,ODM ,full customization,finished product inspection
Package: PE foam,Carton,Wooden box
Term: EXW
Shipment: Sea,Air ,Express
Warranty:one year

HAOJIA Led backlit letter signs Custom

In today’s competitive market environment, the image of a store is crucial to attract more customers. Illuminated led letters are an effective way to enhance the image of a store.

First of all, the appearance of illuminated led letters is very stylish and high-grade, which can make the store more attractive instantly. This typeface not only attracts customers’ eyes during the day, but also makes the store stand out at night and become the brightest landmark on the street.

Secondly, illuminated led letters can bring more exposure for the store. With the accelerated pace of people’s lives, most people have time to shop at night. And when night falls, illuminated led letters can bring more exposure for the store, attracting more potential customers to come to spend.

Finally, illuminated led letters also have a certain cultural connotation and artistic value. It is not only a commercial advertising method, but also a form of artistic expression. Can make the store more cultural atmosphere, increase the store’s sense of art, attract more culture lovers.

In summary, illuminated led letters as an effective way to enhance the image of the store, not only to attract more customers, but also to bring more exposure and cultural value to the store. Therefore, for any store, it is very necessary to choose a good design and use of luminous led sign.


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