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The crystal light box has the most beautiful appearance on the market. A bezel outlines your message, a unique design element that helps draw attention to the display. At first glance, the crystal frame appears to be made of clear glass, but is actually made of durable translucent acrylic, allowing light to pass through the frame efficiently and effectively. Beautiful, bright white LED lighting provides the ultimate in energy-efficient lighting while showcasing your display beautifully.

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crystal light box advantage

Bright and uniform light:

Bright light output is completely flat, nearly perfect and uniform. Completely eliminates the uneven light marks of ordinary light boxes.

Easy to install:

Equipped with detachable hooks or hanging holes, making installation and screen replacement simple and fast. It also saves labor, time and money.

High energy saving:

With the advantages of energy saving, the use of advanced light guide plate lighting technology greatly reduces power consumption.

Slim and light:

beautiful appearance, thickness is generally less than 3cm. It maximizes space utilization, beautifies the environment, and broadens the scope of application.

Stable and durable:

The light box uses a special high-brightness LED light strip with an average service life of more than 50,000 hours. The extended service life greatly saves maintenance costs.

Easy to replace:

The panel of the light box has a magnetic design and can be opened with just a suction cup tool. It only takes 30 seconds to change a picture


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Shopping malls


Industry application

These light boxes are well illuminated and have numerous applications in the retail/supermarket/hypermarket industry to attract visitors’attention and promote products and brands.



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Since in 1994, Haojia  has  specialised in the development and production of LED advertising products using acrylic as the main material, with a number of utility patents and design patents. Our products covered all kinds of LED light boxes, illuminated led letters and signs. With perfect production technology and good product quality, Haojia has been recognized and supported by the industry.
Over the years, we have worked hard to provide products and services that fully satisfy our customers’ needs. Today, our products are exported to Japan, Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, Latin America and other countries. More than 20 international brands, including Red Bull ,Bacardi,Cubanisto,Samsonite etc, have become our partners.

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